Photo: James Hunter

I am a winter cigar smoker.
I have never been addicted to a substance.
It may have been mom’s smoking habit
when I was a kid,
but that gene in me is burnt out.
I’ll forget I smoke these
for months at a time.
Then I’ll think of bourbon.

If you give a man a drink,
he may ask for a smoke
and if you give him a smoke,
he’ll want a seat to go with it.
Once you give him a seat,
he may write you a poem.

I bought this little ashtray in Paris.
On it is a little Parisian dog smoking a pipe.
No American cigarette fits there unless
It has been hand-rolled without a filter.
It should have a finely rolled joint on it,
but I’m not imbibing these days.
But…if you give a man a cigar,
he may want something green
to go in it.

JH *.* 11/20

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